Sebastian Bermudez
Mrs. sterling
Create a culture


Most of the people in Cripton believe in Criptanium.
Criptanium is the believe of a god which lived millions of years ago that created a key giving powers to the citizens.  The people in this country believe in this god because he saved people from dying and he gave everything to the citizens.  Every time it rained people would go up to a mountain and talk to him.  They loved him and worshiped him.  All the citizens dress with a cape.


The education in cripton is from when you are born untill you are 15 years old.
It s a super school, they teach you how to use your powers and they teach you about theyre culture.  The cost of schooling is not high, everybody goes to school.
Most of the education is in a field.  School is everyday for five years then you get a break.


The people in cripton live in big houses.  They are like apartments but very tall.  All the cities in Cripton are huge. The population in Cripton is about 300 million.
It rains a lot there so there is a lot of growing crops and farms.


In Cripton security is very good.  There are solders all over the country every time.  The citizens definitely feel safe .  If somebody needs help, they call 199 and you will get help right away.  The solders protect the whole country every day.  Solders have special equipment to protect.  This is definitely a safe country.

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