Ecosystem portfolio

The ocean

biotic factors:sharks,dolphins,jellyfish,plankton,whales,shrimp,ect.

Abiotic factors:water,sunlight,temperature,sand,and rocks

Carrying capacity-limit of how many individual organisms an ecosystem can support
resources-food,space,air(for some organisms),and shelter

The population of the tuna fish will decrease if more people start fishing for them,but the population will incease if less people start fishing for them

Limiting factors-factors
that influences carrying capacity

predator/prey relatonship: a shark eats fish and if a fishes did not have places to hide,sharks could eat all of the fishes into extinction

energy roles-
Producers-Plants that gets energy from the sun and the first level of the food chain; Ex:seaweed

herbivores-organisms that eat producers and at the second level of the food chain;Ex:hermit crab

carnivores-animals that eat meat,top level of the food chain

omnivore-an animal or person that eats food of both plant and animal;Ex: dolphins

decomposers- are the organisms that break down the final remains of living things;Ex:bacteria

scavengers-animals that feed on dead animal;Ex: shrimp

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