Persuasive Essay

Araceli Galindo

    Have you ever wonder how the world would be if there would be more good people? The world is almost full of bad people. There is a more percentage of bad people than good. If there would be more good people maybe this world would be different. My opinion is that yes, the world needs more good people than bad. Either way if there's less bad people it wont be as dangerous as now but there would be danger, they would be less crimes.

    If there would be more good people the planet would be much more cleaner and less polluted. Also they would be less danger in this world. As people clean up the world and create organization to help this planet it would look cleaner and brighter.  In a way good people would change this planet but if everything is great and theres no crime it will feel like us humans will need something in this life.

   Somehow or in a way the world would be more equal. Yes they may be more good people but bad will always over run good. If there's more good people would have jobs and they would be less homeless people out there. But even if there were not that much of jobs for everyone and there still homeless people than the good will create a way for those people to have food and a shelter.

   If their were to be more good people they would no problems and in a way we need problems such as drama, issues, etc. Like even if we have a bunch of good people they would think that everything is safe and there's no crime, when in reality its not safe. Even if 3/4 of the world is good they will still be bad out there. For example, if 2 to 4 bad people go into a Shopping Center with weapons and treats lets say 200 of the people from the mall. Those 4 people have more power than the 200. Like I said bad will always over run the good(must of the time).

       I believe the world is full of bad people and they should be more people that are good and can make this world better. Also the world would be so much now cleaner and a bit safer. Everyone would respect each other and less poor people out there. People should clean parks and areas where people dump there stuff and make the ocean less polluted.

Letter of Recommendation

To whom it may concern,

      Miguel Escobar is an amazing person with a great personality. He would be such an amazing surgeon at your hospital. What can I say about him, his such a great Doctor/Surgeon to his patients. Miguel is a nice person and hard working. Also he is a fast leaner, tell him to do something he goes and does it without hesitating. Miguel is a great surgeon, his patients are always satisfied with his work and he will always find a way to help his patients.

       I truly recommend you to hire Miguel because his just one of a kind you will never find someone just like him. Besides like I said he has an amazing personality he can make your day or bring you up when your feeling down. So in other words he will work perfectly with other surgeons and nurses. There's a lot of things I can say about Miguel but words cant describe on what of a amazing person he is, not only that but his just a great friend I've known him for a few months now and you can just talk to him about anything.

      If you have any questions please contact me at (810)718-0154 or at


Araceli Galindo

Cover Letter

Galindo, Araceli

15663 Elm St.

Los Angeles, California 79983

May 24, 2015,

Dr. Miriam Lopez

Veterinary Clinic

14456  Career Ave

Los Angeles, California 79982

Dear Mrs. Lopez,

         I am writing to you because I came across your job advertisement for a veterinary assistance and I am very interested in the job. I'm planning on attending vet school after graduation and would like to learn more about veterinary skills. Its really impressing that your clinic has been practicing veterinary for about 20 years. In my past job I've been taking care of my neighbors or aunt's dogs and as a babysitter. Both of these jobs are helping be more organized and always being in time. Also schools helping me being organized and managing time and I am a hard working person.

        Before I enter vet school I would like to gain more experience in your clinic so when I get to school I have better understanding. I will have to admit I am a shy person but once I meet someone I'm very outgoing. I don't want my shyness to make the client fell like I disrespect them I am trying my best on not being shy. Other than that I'm great with animals I really love them and I really would like to consider on hiring me.

       Please let me know by phone (810)718-0154 or by email at I would love to join your clinic and gain better understanding. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Araceli Galindo


Araceli Galindo


15663 Elm St


I request to be an assistance as a nurse at your hospital/ I request to be a help as a nurse to your animals.


2004-2011 Lujan Chavez Elementary School

2011-2014 Sun Ridge Middle School

2014-2015 El Dorado 9th Grade Academy

2015-2018 Pebble Hills High School


Art club

Spanish Club

Chalk the block


July 26, 2013- May 29,2014 Babysitting

December 26,2014-now Take care of elder


  • Great with people and animals
  • Fast leaner
  • Works great with everybody

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