Secrets of Having a Fun and Memorable Vacation for the Holiday Season

Do you want something that will spoil your vacation? Certainly you do not want to have that. Everyone wants a memorable and fun-filled vacation especially when its a long holiday season. Whether you are doing it out of town or in just a nearby place, the secrets of having a thrilling and enjoyable vacation is not based on how much money you have or how many friends you have with you, but the memories you actually cannot forget as you go along with the ride.

I will share to you the secrets of having a fun and memorable vacation.


Forget about your busy schedule. Forget about work. Forget about your house bills and your household chores. Forget how you want to fix your broken chair or wash your dirty clothes. There is a room for breathing and certainly you want to tell to yourself that there is more to life. One secret to have a fun and memorable vacation is to forget temporarily our problems. Think more of it as a reward system for all the efforts you have done in your daily stress plan. How can you enjoy your vacation if you are thinking “so much” of your pending appointments. Before you’ll go on vacation, be aware of these things that might worry you. Clean the house first, do your laundry, you might want to reschedule meetings, pay your bills early, or fix what is broken, etc.


Let us admit it, we cannot go on a day without opening our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts. And even when we are on a vacation, your facebook wall is flooded with pictures on your holiday trip. The sad things is, we cannot enjoy our vacation because our fingertips are busy tweeting. Let’s cut the chase, are we going to exchange social interaction with wandering on a paradise, feeling the warmth rays of the sun, enjoying the nature, swimming in a waterfall, climbing a mountain, doing crazy things or life-threatening stunts like bungee jumping, and so many more? Limit your social interaction, one advice is to capture all your best moments and later after your vacation, you can upload your photos.


Do you want to make your vacation memorable? Well, one thing that you can do is to know new friends along the way. In this manner, you can make new memories because of new acquaintances especially if you have done something new like hiking in a mountain, searching for a new specie of animal, deep diving or exploring caves. It is really a good thing if you have new friends because you will definitely have new stories to share. You will never run out of it especially your new experiences along with him or her or a company. One good advice I can give, be sure you are a good judge of character.


What was it like when you watch a television and you have seen a historical place and you said to yourself that you’ve been in that place once. If you want to have a new experience together with your family, you can go to places with historical significance. Usually, educational field trips tend to include historical places in their tour listing so that students will never forget their trip. They rent a bus service or a minibus charter to cater their transportation and a tour guide to discuss the historical significance and value of a place, relic and various things. So, if you want to have a memorable vacation, take a moment to capture your photos to these places.