The Industrial Revolution

By: Aidan Orlando 3-3-15

What was the Industrial Revolution?

-A time where lots of improvements were made to create goods, but lead to a grim downfall.

How Did It Start?

-It was first made to raise people's living standards, but then showed its first sign of revolution from the invention of the steam engine. From there, machinery was used to make creating goods easier.

Working Conditions

-People in the working class were very poor and lived a horrible life.Conditions in the factories and in the mines were harsh due to the coal dust and dangerous machines.

Movements and Ideas

-Many ideas and improvements came out of the Industrial Revolution such as the steam engine and locomotives. New industries were made out of the new scientific discoveries of new materials.

Positive Effects

-Positive effects of the Industrial Revolution were modern everyday buildings, machinery that we use now and the changing of class structure. All of these effects lead to what we now have today.

Does it Out-weight the Negative Effects?

-Even though there have been rough times during the Industrial Revolution, the positives do out weigh the negatives. People worked hard and suffered just so they could improve our machinery. if you take a look around, you will see how improving our factories and our machinery made a huge difference.

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