2. 'Australian identity'

1. My understand of Australian Culture is being laid back and a relaxing country. Australians have a helpful and friendly charm. We have a strong cultural vibe and respect our indigenous heritage.  We welcome other cultures and what they have to offer.

2. Over the past 5 years my understanding of the Australian culture has changed but not extravagantly, as I have learnt that Australia has a good vibe or friendliness and contains all different kinds of cultures. People from other cultures and countries go home and tell everyone how beautiful and welcoming Australian is. The culture of Australia doesn't apply to everyone and they might not be the friendly  Australians that everyone expects us to be.

3. I get the ideas of culture from what I hear in the media like the news. When we see people on the streets, even your family. We have an Australian identify but what we do and how we live. People making movies and writing about Australian make you understand Australian culture.

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2 years ago

Good work! It would have been nice to see some more personal reflections on your experience of Australia. Maybe some more definitive examples of Australian teen culture.