By Logan Johnson

Duties on the Job

For any type of pharmacist, the basic skill required is basic math. For any job in this area you will need basic counting, and possibly a little extra depending upon what kind of a pharmacist you are. If you decide to be a nuclear pharmacist, you should plan on taking chemistry and algebra. Counseling and the ability to stay calm in tense situations are also key skills for the job. Many times you will be the main person in the whole situation of talking with a doctor about dosage and what is chemically involved, to the patient with helping them understand, and lastly to the insurance companies.

Personal Skills

Judgement, dependability, and reliance are some key skills that are needed for this job. With having the ability to master these skills, the job will not only be easier but more enjoyable. With the constant flow of people that come in, there is a need of focus and reliance on the the judgement of the pharmacist, doctor, and patient. You don't have room for errors, you need to be able to keep up with the constant change, keeping the frustration level down will help to keep this job flowing smoothly.

Salary and Wages

The annual salary of a pharmacist makes the schooling for this job well worth it. Many of the pharmacists today have an increase in wage constantly. The annual salary of a pharmacist can be set very high, and this means just as retail pharmacist you are looking at averaging $80,000-$100,000 per year.

Advantages and Benefits

RX Pro Health Company, has many different benefits that can be very helpful in deciding if this is the kind of job wanted.

  • 1. Health Insurance
  • 2. 401(k) Retirement Plan
  • 3. Referral Bonuses
  • 4. Professional Liability Coverage
  • 5. Top Pay in the industry

Dis advantages

Some disadvantages of this job include:

  • Long hours, depending on the job may work strictly night shift
  • May be the only one on shift, no one else on shift with you
  • Bending a lot, hard on knees and back, also on feet a lot


The demand for a pharmacist has increased and continue to increase today. The reason being, the pharmaceutical industry has been advancing more and more as time rolls on. The big movement we may see is the pharmaceutical industry taking over the job of a doctor, this being because doctor's may prescribe a medication, but not exactly describing the side effects, amount to take, or when to take it. A pharmacist can do this and with the right schooling could also take over the job of a regular doctor. So, in the near future we may see an even larger increase in the demand for pharmacists.


As I stated in the last paragraph, there are some advancements in the works, such as the decrease in doctors and increase in pharmacists, there's also the point of instead of just going to picking up your medication it will be brought to you by a pharmacist, who will inform you about what you're about to take.

High School

Some courses taken in high school that could help in college include:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Business

Related Careers

Pharmacy technician: These are assistants who help to prepare the medication, but only to a certain extent.

Pharmacy Aide: Assist in routine administrative work and customer service.

Registered Nurse: Mostly the "counselor" for their patients at the hospital.

College  with program

North Dakota State University, is a bigger pharmacy school in the midwest. The reason I chose this college is because, this large campus is close to the heart of the state, so there will be no problem finding something to do. Another reason is because pharmacy schools aren't easy to come across that aren't thousands of miles away. This campus is equipped with a medical laboratory so you don't feel so trapped in a classroom setting at all times. This pharmaceutical program comes in with 40 general education credits needed, and 34 pre-professional requirements.

Job   Opening


This job comes in a wide variety which is what makes this job desirable, if you don't want to be a retail pharmacist you still have many other options. This job fits with many of my qualities, skill, personality, and interests. I enjoy being around others and helping out, so I believe that this would be a good fit for me. I chose this career because for some reason I just love chemistry and science, and so that led me to the path of pharmacy.


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