Family Broken

having fun like any normal kid playing with my action figures, my heroes

until disaster struck like plastic, so frail it fractured

My dad summoned me and my sister downstairs his call was gentle, unlike the many we got before a yelling at like he was talking to a injured person

He had something to tell us i could tell it was hard for him his voice was cracking, like a plastic limb under pressure he looked as if he was trying to swallow sand i was so young and naive to realize that he was sad, he had tears in his eyes
the toughest man in my life was about to cry

then it happened
it  broke

"there is no more me and mom we are done"

I felt something
all of these feelings coursing through me like a monster of red hot rage burning me inside
i felt so broken


but i wondered what would happen to my broken family?
Would i ever get a happy family like everyone else?
Would there be a constant fight between my mom and dad
Like a family war?
who's side would i be on?
MY plastic family shattered in a million pieces


A webless spider-man
a clawless Wolverine
A superman exposed to kryptonite

Broken like a toy
i felt so weak
so powerless, like a action hero without the powers
broken forever


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2 years ago

This is my best piece and I will be doing it for the poetry slam.