MadisonH       5th Period    September 9, 2014

My Rockin' Summer!

"Some infinities are BIGGER than other infinities." - TFIOS

This summer I went to Galveston, TX with my friends and family. We went to the hotel first to get ready for the beach. At the beach, we built sand castles, messed with the waves, and ate some food! We stayed at the beach for a pretty long time! Galveston has got to be my favorite moment for this summer!!! (2014)

During the summer, I loved to swim with my friends and family! I loved to be at the beach and swimming pool during the summer, it was a fun place to be at!  I loved to see my two friends who always went swimming with me! I watched a lot of movies at the cinema. (Including "Guardians of the Galaxy"," Hercules"," The Fault in Our Stars", "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" , etc.) My favorite movie has got to be "Guardians of the Galaxy." My favorite moment has got to be my vacation I had! My favorite song for the summer time has got to be "Birthday" by Katy Perry.