Discover, Fix, Please - Nintendo 3ds

Idea 1

A game about finding various items that are linked to the mission, once all the items are collected you will discover new areas to explore. The items you are looking for are linked to a murder which all hint towards the murderer. If you guess the murderer wrong it then tells you who the murder was then you will start in a random area and the murderer will be a different character (randomly generated murderer).

3DS dual screen - Top screen will have the items you will have to find and the bottom screen is where you will use the touch screen to click the items.

3DS analog control - Will be used to turn inside the room/area you are in (360 degree turn).

Core Dynamic - Collection

World - Made up city in England, 2017

usp - who did it, did you d0 it?. Character creation. Randomly generated suspects/items to find.

Idea 2

You make your own company which will be a construction company (you pick the name and emblem). you will get jobs from random people, jobs vary from repairing pipes so water flows through them to building buildings, but sometimes you will find things which are strange (body parts) then you will start to investigate the house hold and find out what has gone on.

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