Determination - Making it to the Top

Everyone is aware of the many stories out there of men and women who took a stand against the odds and brought themselves to new heights and great discoveries because of their diligence and passion. It sounds incredible, to have the opportunity to claim the prize that has been sought after throughout life, but unfortunately the process of getting there isn’t as easy as it sounds. It takes a certain attribute that is available to all, but mastered by few, and it has lead people to some of the greatest revolutions and innovations in history: determination.

Determination is easily defined, but once someone tries to break it down into pieces that can be swallowed in their own life, it gets more difficult, because to adopt determination means to constantly pursue it. Determination is the ability to continue and follow-through on something until its completion, without hesitation and without falter. This is a hard concept, as today’s society is surrounded by the dogma of giving up and taking the easy routes of life. Determination says no. Determination goes through the rough and the nitty gritty, and makes those who wish to claim it work harder than they ever have.

Jesus Salas Radio is an example of how determination took him to places that he never could have imagined going. Beginning his career in radio broadcasting at an early age, he got his first promotion as a program director for a radio station at 19, and 23 years later now holds the position as an Executive Vice President of Programming for a national radio station This is what determination is about, and with the right incentive to keep pushing, people can rise from the ashes and become victorious in their endeavors.

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