Celebrity Mentors as your teachers! The best in the biz!

And More!

A Day in the Life of A Student

You wake up at 9:00, you have to be at school by 10:30. But, there is no rush, since each student has access to the online school as well. You check your email, 1 new message from one of your celebrity mentors at school reminding you of an assingment that's due tomorrow. When you walk into the classroom, you set your laptop on a side table next to the white couch that you are sitting on. Your are the first one in the classroom, but soon, ten people walk in. All of the people are different ages. From 13-20 are the ages allowed at California Arts University. Your celebrity mentor walks in, it's Jennifer Aniston, a legenadary actress here to teach you class.

A celebrity mentor is a celebrity that teaches a one-month course a your school. They change once every month and it is optional which classes you want to take. You should choose which path you want to take in the arts before you start, you can also choose to be undecided. you have a 5 hour day ahead of you. Three Celebrity lectures, Lunch, and after school acivities. The scedule switches daily, on Monday, you have a normal day with normal classes: Math, Science, History etc. On Tuesday, you have your celebrity classes: Acting, Band, Cooking, etc.

Every 2 Months, you will have to take an assesment for regular classes, if you don't pass this assessment, your celebrity privilages will be taken away.

School Mission:

The Mission of California Arts University is to let creativity flow through your child's brain, no matter what art it is. There is no pressure, but we expect hard working students. Most importantly, we believe that everyone should have a chance.


Tuition: $1,000 Dollars a Month except scholarships

Co-ed School

Uniform: None

Religion: None

5 day week

10 month year

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