Apps for Kindergarten


What is it? This app shows students a letter in both uppercase and lowercase printing and then it shows a picture of something that begins with that letter. Along with the picture, it shows the word with the first letter highlighted. The students can also tap the letters to hear what it sounds like.

How can it be used? ABC GoGo can be used to help students identify letters by seeing them, hearing them and associating them with pictures. This could be something the students work with during literacy centres.  

Pocket Phonics

What is it? This app displays a letter and also plays audio clip of what sound the letter makes. The students job is  to trace the letter with their finger. When they have correctly traced it, they may move on. Another component of this app, sounds out letters and the child must tap the letter they hear to spell a simple word.

How can it be used? Pocket Phonics can be used to help students associate the sounds of the letters with what they look like. This is a great app for students to practice tracing letters and matching letters to sounds.

Monkey Math

What is it? Monkey Math provides students with different games and activities that help build their fundamental math skills. Such skills include counting, adding and sorting.

How can it be used? This app can be used to reinforce students learning of basic math skills. This could be incorporated into centres where students could further explore what they are learning in math while engaged through games.

Llama Llama Red Pajama

What is it? This app is a story about llamas. Students can listen and follow along as the words are highlighted when they are read aloud.

How can it be used? This app can be used to help students learn about reading. They can listen along and identify the words they are hearing as they are highlighted. This story can also be used as a tool to help students learn about rhyming. The students can listen to the story and understand that the story rhymes because the sounds at the end of the words sounds the same. This will reinforce their learning about rhymes.

Everyday Math Squeeze

What is it? Everyday Math Squeeze is an app with two-player games that reinforce number recognition.

How can it be used? This app can be used to support students learning about numbers. As they play the games, they must find secret numbers on a number line and also compare numbers (smaller or larger). This is a great app because students can learn together as they play a game that reinforces their learning!

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