Tools Of Trade
               By:Seleah Thomas

Computer class teaches me many real life situations that will help me in the future. Below you will find what we have recently learned during the past week.

  • Edmodo
  • Remind
  • Tackk
  • IB Design Cycle


Edmodo is a way for students to turn things in online and teachers to give out work online. It's a way to remind students what is due, what they have to do, and what they are going to do. A way to collaborate and stay connected with the class from any mobile device.


Is a safe free way for students and teachers, by either text message or email. It's also a way for teachers to easily stay in touch with parents. It's an easy and fun way to for you can communicate with peers.

Is a simple tool that gives anyone who wants to a way to create, creative infographs, posters, and many more. You can make your own from scratch or even add on to others that have been already created.


Is an simply way to create web pages for any and everything. You can make your own blogs, posters, flyers, and anything that can be created with te web to make it your style and your way.

IB Design Cycle

Is a step by step cycle that helps you do your work with a series of steps. Starting with an INVESTIGATION of an issue or topic.The next steps  are to PLAN and DESIGN what you think the outcome or product will be that you are working towards to. CREATE is kinda self explanatory if I do say so myself during this step of the process you CREATE your design you came up with. EVALUATE is the last process that you will need, to complete the DESIGN CYCLE. It tells whether or not the experiment was a success, and reflect on how or what you could've done differently.