24 Hour Unplugging
(iPhone and TV)

Before embarking on this challenge I would like to hypothesize that I will have no trouble without my phone and TV despite how often I text and how often I watch sports. The word nomophobia will not apply to me.

4:30- The start of 24 hours of pure boredom. The phone shall be placed in the food pantry. Why the pantry? No reason at all, completely random. This start time means I must go the rest of the night and an entire school day without mobile communication or entertainment. I decide to start with a long nap since I'm exhausted.

5:30- I am rudely awoken from my slumber by my mother who is here to ask why my iPhone is next to the cereal. I tell her it's for school and she asks what teacher is asking me to put my phone in the pantry. Because I am a grumpy person after I sleep, I tell her to put it back and go away.

6:30- I am rudely awoken by mother again but it's cool because I'm about ready to get up anyway. She says we need to go shopping for Raiderette banquet so I look for my phone briefly before we depart. Plus it's not like I can watch the NBA playoffs since I'm giving up TV as well.

7:30- This project is going to get real irritating. I even told my Mom about the project and she still keeps asking me to do cellular things. "Send this to kayleigh", "Can you check the price on this shirt for me", "where's the closest starbucks". Also walking around without a phone in my pocket, I noticed how much lighter I feel without it.

8:30- The imaginary pocket vibrations have started like I knew they would because I've experienced them before. At least I'm home now and can email Kayleigh, whom I told about this before hand. Emailing is actually a lot more entertaining than I thought. And now that I have my computer I can at least get score updates on the games. I can't get any updates on madison because I don't have my phone which is the only thing that really makes me genuinely sad about this.

9:30- Homework is impossible when you can't text anybody. I realize now that I have almost never gone an entire school day without asking someone for help on homework. I do take my phone to the bathroom every time I go which I didn't think was unusual until the articles that Mrs. Larson had us read. The bathroom sucks without your phone it really does.

10:30- I bet my clash of clans village is getting demolished right about now. I bet the game of a lifetime is on tv right now. I'm out of homework to do. I search for a source of entertainment since I'm no where near tired. I stumbled upon my favorite childhood toy, Bullseye Ball. I'm going on 30 minutes with this baby.

11:30- I hope the pantry is enjoying having my phone. I've been trying sleep for a little and it's really difficult. Usually my phone kind of lulls me to sleep but without it my mind just races with all sorts of thoughts. Feeling tired and frustrated.

12:30~7:30- Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

8:30- I totally forgot to set an alarm so thank god my mom didn't leave for work early today. I looked for my phone twice therefore leaving me almost late to school. I also play music on my way to school and it keeps me alert, but without it I was drowsy and kept zoning out while driving.

9:30- People use there phones in school a lot. Like a lot a lot. I don't know if it's just my classes or what but there's a lot of downtime after the teacher is done teaching and everyone is on their phone and I had to just sit there.

10:30- At least some people in this class are in the same boat I am. I overhear some people talking about their hands twitching without a phone. That's kind of scary. Funny how in technology class I'm struggling with not being able to use technology.

11:30- Without my phone I finished my lunch in record time. Someone got their phone taken up at my lunch table which made me laugh. Knowing my luck that probably would've been me had I had my phone.

12:30- You're not going to use your phone in physics. You're asking for failure if you're using your phone in Mrs. Hernandez's class.

1:30- Mr. Leafgreen finishes his lesson in .5 seconds and then you're free to do whatever. Usually I put headphones in and do homework or something but without a phone I can't. I don't know if it's just because I'm on edge or what but this class is irritating and loud.

2:30- I left for 20 minutes because i couldn't take my class anymore. Most students "go to the bathroom" to do something phone related but without my phone I just walked around.

3:30- I now remember that me and my friends were going to get a snowcone after school and I have no idea how I'm gonna find them. Thinking about this triggered the pocket vibration and the pocket reaching again.

4:30- I couldn't find my friends but finally, relief. I think being away from my phone has made me more drawn to it because right now I just want to use it for hours. Let's never do this again.

After finishing my project I have concluded that I'm not a complete nomophobe however I show some of the symptoms like the vibrations in my pocket and the desire to pull my phone out of my pocket when my pocket is empty.

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