I am a merchant in Macau

I, as a merchant in Macau, traded ivory, silk, spices, and porcelain to the Portuguese and the Europeans as they traded me back slaves and peppers.

This is what Macau basically looked like during the 1600's
These are the Boating routes made by the Europeans and Portuguese(green) and the Manila Galleon that transported items to Mexico from China.

Being a merchant in Macau is... well, I'm not going to lie, it kinda sucks. I'm just doing my trades with the Chinese and Europeans in Macau and we get these new people, the Portuguese, sailing on to our shores and docks. Everything seems alright with them because they are just like the Europeans, they trade a couple nice things, but they are pretty rude and aggressive for the most part. Something tells me they aren't for the greater future of Macau. After awhile though in(1557), our government allowed the Portuguese to make the land of Macau into one giant trading post. Luckily, the Portuguese didn't move much people away from their homes and my family and I did not have to move away since we don't live in Macau, but they started colonizing all around land. My family has been around these lands for centuries, so its terrible that this happened, but there is one great thing that comes from this. The Portuguese and Europeans brought many many things to trade and I have items that they want. I sell them many different items such as silk, some spices, and ivory and in return they sold slaves and peppers. The Portuguese were good to trade with after getting to used to them and everything seemed well until (1622) the Dutch came and tried to kill us. Thanks to the Portuguese and their slaves, we fought them off, they gave up, and were never heard from again. Macau made it easier to get goods around the world and gave many new items to the the Portuguese and Europeans to take back to their homeland.

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