Stand up to bullying

scenario 1

If I was in that situation I would tell the people that where bullying the person to stop and how would they like it if it was happening to them. It makes me feel very sad when I see stuff about people getting bullied. If somebody evered tried to bully me I would go tell somebody or stand up for myself. I would do that because that is what they tell you to do.

scenario 2

If me and my friends did witness it, it sends to the bully that we don't like that person so we just stand their. Some of the things that me and my friends could do was to tell our parents or we could tell the the bully to stop. If me and my choose to stand up for a classmate some of the people at the school might take in what me and my friends did so they might start doing it. The message that we would send to the bully would be that we are not scared and that he better stop. I thought that, the video was very sad and that it happened over the internet. if the bully would have stopped then he would never got bulled. Some things that we could do to help stop bullying would be to always tell somebody about it also have peers around at all times.