Civilian Space Travel

Persuasive Essay

Space.  A vast land of many mysteries we have yet to discover. Will we ever find all of the answers?  Probably not, but we can find some. To achieve that we must use our precious time on earth wisely by sending our best scientists and astronauts into space.  We would not want to waste time and money by sending inexperienced civilians to space. In this essay I will discuss why civilians should not go to space.  My reasons include, the tough training the civilians will have to endure, the big risk of danger or panic in dangerous situations, and the fact that no new discoveries are being made to improve society.

If you are not fit, then you are all ready at a disadvantage.  The amount of physical and mental training that goes into space travel is huge and most civilians can't handle so much at one time.  Your muscles have to withstand zero gravity, you also have to learn how to eat right and keep yourself heathy. Astronauts spend most of their lives  learning how to adapt to the drastic changes of space, from earth.  If you are not willing to go through the training then space travel is not for you.  

Although have a high risk of danger, civilian have an even higher risk. They do not know how to operate shuttles or properly put on a space suit and fix something. If put in a dangerous situation, the civilians on board will panic and not know what to do. Something could happen where civilians are separated from astronauts and are left to perform safety procedures that they have learned very little about.  Astronauts have less risk of danger because they have spent most of their lives learning things like how to handle situations where they must perform a certain task to keep themselves and their crew safe.

Space travel may be a once and a life time opportunity, but a civilian on board takes the place if a trained scientist. We need more research to be done. There are so many things in space that we can discover, but nothing will be found unless a professional goes up to space to collect valuable data. Civilians will not be able to properly make correct theories or studies because they are not trained to. By sending an untrained civilian to space, we would be decreasing our chances of discovery.

There are many benefits of space travel, but sending civilians to space will take away benefits. The civilian may not be able to afford it or be able to go through training. They are at high risk of danger, and there will be no discoveries being made.  And that is why I think civilians should not go to space.

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