SMS  - Chicks give AWAY

Silverado Dons has a little thing where if you sell 3 orders, Silverado will send a baby chick to a family in need :)! It is also really easy all you have to do is sell 3 items in our fund raiser! So get out there and renew and sell to send a baby chick to a family in need! P.S : You can also buy cookie dough i know you can't resist ! :)

Sports Page
Transfer Window!

Gareth Bale has finely achieved his dream to join Real Madrid! Unfortunately Real Madrid fans Kaka and Ozil are moving to a different club. Ozil to Arsenal and Kaka back to where he belongs AC Milan! This was the the most important transfer window in the Liga BBVA!

Nation And World

Today in our world Al-Qiada is against Syria! Al-Qiada captured some of the Syria soldiers. U.S.A is against Syria so we are kinda with Al-Qiada, however we were against Al-Qiada when it was 9/11! After that we were mad and attacked them . We defeated the leader Osama Bin Laden! Thats it for todays Nation And World NEWS!

Weather NAPA

Todays Weather Channel for Napa is : Tuesday 73*/51*. Wednesday 72*/50* Thursday 76*/47* Friday 81*/45*, thats our weather for the week - 23/9 - 29/9! Stay tuned for next weeks forecast! Weather :)!

local story

In Acman theres a fashion show going on. The point of this fashion show is who ever dresses the worst wins! Its kinda of a silly fashion show. Many more upcoming news next week!

[:Our Opinions:]

Louis : I think what does the fox say is random and funny! Said: Jack In The Box should have more Milkshakes flavors and more Hamburgers choices . Then again thats just my opinion!

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