El Salvador

By: Michael Anderson

Country- El Salvador

Capital- San Salvador

Type of Money Used- The type of money used is the Salvadoran Colon, the current exchange rate is $1.00 U.S=8.75 Colon.

Major Exports and Imports- (exports) coffee, textiles and garments, sugar, shrimp, footwear, pharmaceuticals. (imports) petroleum and other minerals, cereals, chemicals, iron and steel, machinery and transport equipment, food and live animals, consumer goods.

Three Main Cities- San Salvador- 525,990 people

Soyapango- 329,708 people

Santa Ana-176,661 people

The Three Main Tourist Attractions- Devil's Door (Puerta del Diablo) people visit Devil's Door because of it's stunning views and interesting past.

Lake Coatepeque- People like visiting here because it's really peaceful almost all of the time and the views of the surrounding areas.

Joya de Ceren Archeologist Site- People visit here because of the history that the pre Colombian Mayan farming village had to offer. This site was buried under lava after a volcanic eruption around 600 A.D.

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