Challenging Australian Identity

  1. Reflect on what is discussed in the Podcast. Do you agree with any of the comments made about. In the Podcast, people text, call and comment on Facebook about what we should be ashamed of about Australia's past or should we be ashamed about the past of Australia? They talked about the Cronulla Riots in 2005 and whether we should be ashamed of this devastating action that happened. Attached below is a URL for a news article about t he Cronulla Riots. Listeners also call in and talk about Muslims and how they are perceived by the Cronulla. I agree with some of that statements said, this including: a man calling in about Muslim's and how he didn't like them. He stated that "working with Muslims gave him a new look on them as they are the same as us but have different beliefs."
  2. What events can you remember that you feel ashamed about happening in Australia? An event that I remember hearing about that happened in Australia right at the start of Australia's history is the Stolen Generation. The Stolen Generation is an event in history that conveys to others that Australia is racist. This terrible time in Australia's history is one that has been forgotten about in recent times. Luckily, Australia has become a country of multiculturalism and society is accepting of others.
  3. Why do you feel ashamed about this event? I feel ashamed of the event of the Stolen Generation because this made Australia look racist. The Stolen Generation has ultimately made Aboriginals, (Indigenous Australians), reject their culture often cause them to feel ashamed of their Indigenous heritage.

Cronulla Riots URL: