Ivan Pavlov

Pavlov is known for his idea to conduct an experiment using a dog and meat powder. In this experiment, Pavlov rang a bell when the meat powder was shown to the dog. He observed that the dog salivated because of the powder. Pavlov observed that the dog would salivate just with the bell ringing.

Behaviorists are those who analyze how organisms learn or modify their behavior based on response to events in the environment. Behaviorists believe that observing animals can link to human activities. Pavlov studied the concept of classic conditioning.


Ivan Pavlov was born in Ryazan, Russia, on September 14, 1849. His father was the village priest and everything was based around religion. Pavlov decided that he wanted to step away from his comfort zone of religion ands study science. Science was developing new things in the society which led to Pavlov and other psychologists to ground break new ideas.

While every psychologist has an impact on psychology in some way, Ivan Pavlov benefited the psychology world in that he helped to work on the behavioralism movement and work against others that were working agaist him.

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