A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Sean Mayer
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

My Bold Dad
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
My Bold Dad
By Sean Mayer

My family has experienced many hardships and momentous changes as I’ve grown up. Watching this commercial really hit home for me because it shows how close this family really is and will do anything for each other. The point of this commercial is to show how Toyota supports protects families through hard times. In order to support Toyota’s claim to be protective over hard times, the producers chose scenes that are very effective to show how Toyota cares about families and is able to relate to a broad audience. This is done by the dad arguing and fighting for his daughter, dancing with her when she had no one to dance with, picking her up from a party, and concluding with the final scene showing his daughter take off for the military.

This commercial argues to its targets audiences, parents of all ages, that Toyota cars are very reliable and will always be there in a time of protection. The director of this commercial was very creative by using a pictory throughout the whole film. The people who who cast in this commercial chose an average person like you and I. The author did that because Toyota is an average company. His authoritative figure doesn’t stand out, but this man seems very trustworthy and caring to others. An example of this is when it shows the scene of the two dads fighting over something their daughters thought of had done. He helps his daughter through hard times and it shows how strong his love is for her. Some of the things used to support this idea are just as simple as observing what the dad does for his daughter. He watches over her and protects her through times she needed saving. He exhibited a lot of feelings and made the audiences feel’s tension was tight because the feeling of being watched over was present.

The average man representing the father figure in this commercial shows many emotions that are manly until the end when he let his daughter leave,enrolling in the Army, before he breaks down crying, which makes the audience feel the emotion of the scene. The directors chose to make audience feel closer with the two main characters by watching them grow up with the same car for years. Even though this is less than one minute,it makes you feel like you know them very personal because you see them acting as if you were right there. It gets many different looks from many different people because different emotions and feelings are built up from watching this powerful commercial. I can relate to this just like most others in the world can. This is because they use the most average people they could find and the reason we can relate is because we all know people in our families who remind us of them.

This commercial doesn’t use much logos,or appeal because it doesn’t need. All it shows us is the powerful message of family and relationships. Usually big companies do commercials showing off their best and latest cars, with some type of payment at the last 10-15 seconds but My Bold Dad didn’t have that in their ad. It might just be because everyone knows that Toyota’s cars are usually less expensive than other brand car names such as high end ones, Mercedes. By not telling the audience about how much it costs it could fool some people thinking it was a lot more than what they thought the listing price is. The reasons that they put this feature in those commercials is to make it sound cheaper than what it normally is. It is very effective because some people are a lot less brighter and can’t do all the math, but it looks reasonable on television.

You could say that this commercial had multiple strong and weak points throughout it, but it turned out to be very effective because it changes a lot of views upon families. The main argument was about the protection Toyota Provides. The objective Toyota aims for is the audience to watch the commercial because Toyota protects the father and daughter throughout the runtime of this commercial.

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