sanmig vs ginebra game 6

As predicted, game 6 between Ginebra and Sanmig turned out to be what experts with a degree in “basketballogy”, a “ helluvahgame”. Forty-eight minutes of intense, physical and emotional battle. It is like fast chess, only painful. Each team countering the move of the other. Yes it is a “you blink you die” kind of a series. And the fans are loving it. Im not a fan of these teams but im having palpitations. Everyone had their moment. Caguioa did a caguioa, Slaughter became gregzilla “may kasama pang foul”. Then there was Melton, Sangalang and barroca and of course Tenorio bounced back as expected. But what coach, player or fan wouldn’t appreciate a work horse like Mark Pingris? Come on. The guy is a machine. He boxes out, rebounds, scores then he defends. He can guard the point guard, the off guard, the forward, the power forward, the center and the entire araneta coliseum. But then, again, it all boiled down to the final seconds of the game. PJ Simon took a forced shot inside the key, then with 2 seconds left, James Yap’s last heave from Fiesta carnival hit nothing but air. So the Gins won and leveled the series three all. Thanks to their many coaches plus one. The Living Legend. Jawo. But that’s another story.

On Wednesday its going to be an all out war. Its game 7. My fearless forecast, Ginebra will take the W. but hey I don’t believe in Fortune telling. So? Ano pa? Kampihan na!! #WalangMagawaSaHapongTulala #basketballfan #followmeontwitter @kenmasilongan

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