Crimes Of The Heart

By: Ashley Cox

Playwright: Beth Henley

Characters In The Play

• Lenny MaGrath: Mental Trait: Dedicated, Emotional Trait: Sensitive, Behavior: Considerate (she is always going to help her Granddaddy) Motivations: Her motivations for some of the things she does is to help her family and see what they need. Physical Traits: She is 30-year old woman with a round face and figure.

Chick Boyle- Lenny, Babe, and Meg's cousin; Also a Granddaughter

Doc Porter- A man with a limp (from Hurricane Camille) that was in love with Meg

Meg MaGrath- Babe and Lenny's Sister; Very Spoiled; Middle Sister

Babe Bortrelle- Lenny and Meg's Sister; Shot her husband; Youngest Sister

Barnette Lloyd- Babe's Lawyer;  He had a vendetta against her husband

Major Events of the Play

Act I-  • Meg comes home from Hollywood to see about Babe, who is just made bail because she was in jail for shooting her husband. • Babe and Meg talk an Babe reveals that she was having an affair with Willie Jay (a 15-year old boy) and Zachery came home and punched him and Babe went an got a gun and shot him.

Act II-  • Babe tells Barnette (her lawyer) the real story about what happened the day she shot Zachery • Meg and Lenny go see their Granddaddy and Meg lies about everything that happened while she was in Hollywood, which causes Lenny to get mad. • When Meg comes home from the store she explains why she lied to Granddaddy and Lenny forgives her.• Meg, Babe, and Lenny share a great moment looking at old pictures from Babe's photo album. • Later, Doc comes over, and he and Meg share some bourbon and go on a ride in his truck to look at the moon. • Barnette comes over with pictures saying that Zachery's sister Lucille hired a private detective and he took photos of Willie Jay and Babe.• Meg, Babe, and Lenny's Granddaddy has another stroke and goes into a coma.

Act III- • Chick (Lenny, Meg, and Babe's cousin) comes over with a list of people to call and tells Lenny that they should split the list in half and start calling the other family members to share the news about their Granddaddy's predicament and how he could possibly pass away. • Meg comes home feeling exuberant, from spending the night out with Doc and explains that nothing happened between them. • Meg wants to go tell Granddaddy the truth since she lied to him the night before, but is stopped because Lenny and Babe tells her the news of what happened. • Barnette returns and says that he thinks the photos would be safer with him at the office so, Babe gives him the photos. • Chick comes over and talks very rudely about Meg to Lenny but, Lenny tells her to get out and when she doesn't Lenny starts beating he with the broom.


In Loving Memory

Chick Boyle

Chick Boyle, 43, of Hazlehurst, Mississippi, died on on Monday, November 17th, 2014 at Hazlehurst Memorial Hospital due a massive heart attack. Chick was born on Tuesday, April 4th, 1971 also at Halzehurst Memorial Hospital. Chick was born to Peggy and Jim Bottoms, she married at the age of 23 to Buck Boyle. She leaves behind her two children Peekay, 19 and Buck Jr., her 3 cousins Lenora McGrath, Meg McGrath, and Rebecca McGrath, a Grandfather and her beloved husband. Chick attended East Halzehurst High School, and Mississippi State University she graduated with a 4 year degree in Nursing in 1993 and worked at the White Mississippi Hospital. She was a member of Grace Methodist Baptist Church and loved to at the animal shelter and play with her kids. She is a great woman and will truly be missed. The funeral will take place Saturday November 22rd at 3 p.m. at the Collin Prat Funeral Home in Winchester, Mississippi. Burial will take place a White Angel Garden at 4:30 p.m.

Additional Things

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