The Heian Culture

Ancient Fashion-

~ Nobles love of beauty began with their own appearances

~ they had a magnificent wardrobes

~ they loved elaborate outfits

~ Women for example wore long gowns

Modern Day Fashion-

~ in modern day fashion they had incredible since of style

~ Fashion plays a huge role in Japanese culture

~ Fashion was a way to express yourself

~ I know they where very bright and are fine quality colors


~ Japanese cared about how they spoke and wrote

~Writing was very popular in the Japanese culture

~The Women wrote in Japanese and the men wrote in Chinese

~One of the greatest writers known today is Murasaki Shikibu

~She was known as that one of the best writers to emerge from Japan's  glorious Heian period; the tale of Genji

Visual arts-

~The popular art forms was paintings, calligraphy, and architecture

~They also like paintings that illustrated stories

~others showed scene from National Court life

~besides literature the Japanese nobles also loved the visual arts


~The nobles worked to make their cities  beautiful

~They greatly in my Chinese architecture

~they copied Chinese buildings

~Most buildings were made by Wood

Performing Arts-

~Also popular in Japan

~people gathered to watch musicians jugglers and  acrobatics

~those events were wild in fun

~people liked when actors skilfully mimicked other people

Buddhism changed-

~Was a religion

~Are different forms of Buddhism

~One was very common in Japan it was called, pure land

~Zen with another form arrived in China

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