Theory of Demonizing

By: Tamara Merritt

Where Does Evil Come From?

In the demonizing period, they believed that everyone should follow by the same beliefs and always believe in the man above, God. They felt that if you didn't believe in God that they were evil. People that opposed God's words and had divergent beliefs were just considered evil and didn't have a chance to explain.

Why Do People Act Evil?

People that were accused of acting evil only acted evil because had different beliefs from other people, and they felt that their beliefs were right. Which meant if they disobeyed there beliefs they would think that they were going to be punished by their god.

Evil Things People Do.

Most evil things people did during this time was praise different god. They had different beliefs ; they didn't believe in the things the demonizing people did.

What was Did to Prevent Evil?

In order to prevent any trouble or chaos they started to accept peoples beliefs and their different views they had on God.


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