7 Things That You Didn't Know About Jenna

By: Jenna Caney                      

I am a horse rider and love jumping! Horses are also my favourite animal. Equestrian is also my favourite sport! :-)
I have one sister who is going to university next week! She is going to Victoria Uni.In welligton we have one dog and one cat
and I really love sports
I had two cats this ones Tino! she is 5 years old turning 6 this year and she is a black and white shorthair.
And this ones Rossi. She ran away a few months ago. She would have been 6 this year and she was a tabby cat,
This is the old stock-car my dad used to race.Now its sold.
My winter season sport is netball and it is my seccong favourite sport!
This is were my mum works at Hastings boys.

I love music I am always listening to music no matter where I am.

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