An Environmentalist

Angela believes in working towards the creation and maintenance of a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable environment. Angela is passionate about community involvement, so much so that she maintains active involvement in numerous programs, projects and organizations throughout the local region. Involved in organizations that support the homeless, work to feed hungry families and promote the value of fair trade, Angela has more than demonstrated her commitment to making her community, and society, a better and more sustainable place to live for all future generations.

As an active community contributor and volunteer, Angela Kisler has also expressed considerable interest in environmental impact and sustainability, the motivation behind her involvement with the cultivation and maintenance of green spaces throughout the region. She attends environment-related meetings at least a few times each and every year, displaying the desire to be a part of the local conversation when it comes to more sustainable, healthier and less environmentally impactful living. As she knows, the only to accomplish a better and more eco-friendly world is by making oneself an active part of efforts to do so, and to encourage others to do the same at every available opportunity.

Angela is currently working on the foundations for a nonprofit focused on the needs of domestic abuse victims. Reducing one’s carbon footprint is a great way to start, though it requires the ongoing involvement of dedicated and concerned citizens, such as Angela Kisler, to really make strides towards the development of a better, more sustainable ecological future.

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