modern day prophet presentation


David Suzuki’s main message and vision which he advocates is “to protect the diversity of our nature and our quality of living, now and for the future,” stated from The David Suzuki Foundation.

He constantly speaks and preaches about the balance between human needs and Earth’s ability to sustain life, which shows that we, as humans, and the Earth are interdependent on each other.

There are multiple platforms in which David Suzuki is able to spread his message, but his main campaign is with his Foundation, The David Suzuki Foundation.

In this, he is able to reach communities further away and able to teach them about the problems and consequences due to our behavior and shows ways to fix them.

Suzuki had a Television and Radio series, “Its a Matter Of Survival” .
With these Series, there was over 17,000 listeners who would write letters asking how to advert this catastrophe. He is able to advertise and bring attention to his cause through media and publicity.

Specifically the workers and organizers of The David Suzuki Foundation, and of course its supporters and donors.

Anyone who believes and appreciates the message that David Suzuki advocates.

Everyone is involved is because the message that David is spreading affects us as a community, and we should try to prevent it as a community.

Suzuki was quite religious as we was ordained a minister at the age of 17 and went to church regularly.

Despite his religious background, the Westboro church twisted the teachings of the Bible into hateful messages and meanings.

He is devoted to his work, and in that, he is able to change the world by creating awareness.

He stands by what he believes is true and is not afraid to take a stand to share his campaign with the world

Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church preached that “God hates fags” and that the Biblical punishment for homosexuality is death followed by eternal damnation to hell.

They believe that the world has given itself over to immorality because gays have “taken over”.

Believes that by picketing, WBC “warns the nation to let them know God is not going to let the country get by with that kind of degeneracy” as stated in Fred Phelps’ interview.

The Westboro Baptist Church spread their message by “picketing” (a type of protesting with vulgar signs often pertaining to God’s wrath or homosexuals)

David Suzuki shows that he is a prophet of God because David really conveys Gods message, of doing things the way they are supposed to be done and treating people with respect. David works to make the world a better place, which is why Suzuki qualifies as a prophet of God.

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