Hiroshima: A Story Of Survival

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Survival Story

If I were in Hiroshima during the bombing, I would try to help others out in any way possible. If it were, moving debris or carrying people to safety, I would try to help the less fortunate.

1 day ago, the bomb struck,

In the debris, some people were stuck.

Many were injured, there is no doubt,

The cause of the bomb was just learned about

Blood and pain everywhere people later thought,

Now there were spots in the ground where people were,

Lost relatives were long sought,

Early parts went by on a blur,

The worst though, was yet to come,

Some people who survived described the blast as a large drum,

Many survivors, including the children had a look of sheer glum,

Some of the survivors injuries made them feel numb.

Many of the survivors came down with radiation disease,

The affects of this made no one feel pleased,

The pain and misery last very long,

All of this happened so suddenly, as if it were a gong.

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Good job Jason.😀