The moon does a lot of thing for us on earth including tides phases and gravity. if we had no moon we would till have gravity from the sun but we might start floating out of orbit. Also the moon has had some famous people on it also.

The Moon Phases

There  are different moon phases and they all have to do with the tides and the gravity on Earth. There are 19 different phases of the moon.they control how much light we get from the sun. Plus the moon is awsome to watch move across the ski.

The Spring and Neap tide

The spring and neap tides are why we have tides. Spring tides are when the tide is high and this happens twice a day. Neap tide is when the tide is very low, this happens twice a day also.


Eclipses are when the moon passes in front of the sun. this cause the sun to be blocked by the moon. and that is how an eclipses are caused.

conclusion about the moon

the moon does a lot of things. Like controls tides and eclipse. so this is my conclusion about the sun.

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