TPACK is a method of planning that integrates Technology, Content and Pedagogy, to ensure that the technology is best being used to support learners reach their goals.

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TPACK in 2 Minutes

The video below give a brief explanation of TPACK and how all of the pieces fit together.

My Approach to TPACK

Lesson Planning with TPACK

The article identifies key steps in planning with TPACK, that include:

  1. Determining learning goals
  2. Making practical pedagogical decisions about the nature of the learning experience
  3. Selecting and sequencing appropriate activity types to combine to form the learning experience
  4. Selecting formative and summative assessment strategies that will reveal what and how well students are learning.
  5. Selecting tools and resources that will best help students to benefit from the learning experience being planned.

Harris, J., & Hofer, M. (2009). Instructional planning activity types as vehicles for curriculum-basedTPACK development. In C. D. Maddux, (Ed.). Research highlights in technology and teachereducation 2009 (pp. 99-108). Chesapeake, VA: Society for Information Technology in Teacher Education (SITE).

This article also includes an example TPACK unit utilizing the methods discussed in the article.

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