Solving Problem Questions

LO: I can solve word problems involving one or more steps

Collins 5C - Page 82 - 83

LO: I can solve one-step and two step problems involving whole numbers and decimals
Collins 5B - Page 74 Blue and Green

LO: I can solve multi-step problems using appropriate strategies
Collins 6A Page 92

LO: I can solve word problems involving one or more steps

Collins 5A - Page 76 Blue

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What questions do you have about your learning?

What challenges have you overcome?

Select one of your problem questions and write them on the Padlet Wall below.

Problem Problems!  

The Cake Problem

Mr Thorpe was making a cake using lots of different ingredients. He weighed each of the ingredients and found out how much each ingredient cost.

Your task is to work out the total weight of the cake and the total cost of all the ingredients. Work together with the other members of your group to find the solution.

Use your knowledge of addition, multiplication, doubling and halving to solve this problem.

The problem cards will help you.

Good luck with your task.

Fiery Challenge Questions

  1. How many eggs would you need to make three cakes?
  2. If you wanted to make five cakes, how much flour would you need?
  3. I used 600g of butter. How many cakes did I make?
  4. How much would the icing needed for two cakes cost?
  5. The electricity used to run the oven costs £1.45 per hour. How much would the cake cost if you included the cost of electricity?