6 Reasons to Book Galapagos Cruises

While big cruise ships might be ideal for touring the Caribbean, Galapagos Islands travel calls for a slightly different experience. Those who book Galapagos cruises are likely to find themselves on smaller, but no less luxurious, boats as they hop from island to island to explore the beauty this remote part of the world delivers.

There are a number of reasons why Galapagos cruises are perfect for family vacations or romantic getaways. These excursions can encompass an entire trip here or serve to enhance on-land tours, as well.

Here are just a few to book an on-water tour:

Ability to see more – A big cruise ship just cannot afford vacationers the opportunity to take in all the sights the islands boast. Smaller boats provide greater access to the many islands found in the Galapagos. Vacationers who choose this route generally are able to see a whole lot more than those who opt for all land adventures.

Greater flexibility – Depending on whether the cruise in question happens to be a private one, visitors can have greater control over their itineraries. That means those on some Galapagos cruises can call the shots on what to see.

Personalized guides – The best companies that cater to Galapagos Islands travelers make sure to have naturalist guides onboard their vessels. This is an incredible way for vacationers to learn more about the geographic sites, plants and animals they encounter on their tours. Having a private naturalist to act as a tour guide takes this type of adventure to the next level.

The activities – Galapagos Islands travel generally isn’t complete without activities for visitors of all ages. Cruise ship operators in this region make sure families have access to the water adventures they desire, including swimming and snorkeling.

The privacy – Depending on the cruise booked, families and couples can enjoy a great deal of privacy. It’s possible to book multi-day cruises for private parties. For those who don’t mind some company, group adventures are also available.

The distinction – While many people embark on cruises to other parts of the world every year, few get to see the splendor of the Galapagos. For families on the hunt for a vacation that is sure to make memories to last a lifetime, Galapagos Islands travel will not disappoint.

Galapagos Islands travel takes visitors to a remote part of the world that is like no other place on the planet. With its own unique sight, including animals found nowhere else, tours here deliver beauty, romance, family fun and memories made to last.

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Andando Tours specializes in Galapagos Cruises for couples and families. Those onboard the tour company’s vessels will find all the splendors of this region are theirs to explore.

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