Audio Broadcasting

Alyssa Miller
Session 1

In Session 1 of Audio Broadcasting we learned how a radio station operates and works. We also were introduced to the different types of radio program formats, for example, FM radio and AM radio. And we also learned how to use a digital editing software program that some broadcasters use.

Session 2

In Session 2 of Audio Broadcasting we learned the role of advertising plays in the radio. We used digital audio editing software to record and apply effects to the script that had already been written. And then we had to write and record a commercial that we created.

Session 3

In Session 3 of Audio Broadcasting we had to write at least three news stories and we also had to write a commentary. Then we had to create an introduction for our news cast. We also looked up stories that we could talk about on the internet and we had to re-write them.

Session 4

In Session 4 of Audio Broadcasting we recorded an introduction for our news cast. We also recorded at least three news stories. And then we recorded a commentary piece.

Session 5

In Session 5 of Audio Broadcasting we created music lead ins and music lead outs for our news and commentary broadcast.

Session 6

In Session 6 of Audio Broadcasting we completed the music lead-ins and the music lead-outs fir our news and commentary broadcast. We also had to create some additional musical files for our broad cast, for the final product.

Session 7

In Session 7 or Audio Broadcasting we took the post test. We also had to burn a copy of our final production onto a CD.

Audio Broadcasting Jobs

A job that is related to Audio Broadcasting is a radio host. In the job of a radio host you have to have the knowledge of how to broadcast a radio show, how to play the music and how to work all of the machines. Being a radio host you have to broadcast shows daily, you have have to play today's best music.