tools of the trade

jon yawt


edmodo: is a free learning management system for teachers and students to connect assignments and homework while at home on the computer or mobile can also use it during class for helpful things like the common board and for sample papers.



remind: is a system in which you sign up to be reminded of due dates for give your phone number or your email and they send you a verification code, you punch it in and you start getting texts for your class.

easily:helps you understand and create infographics using templates and representing data


tackk:is a system that you can create a webpage through templates without having to do any coding. you sign up and male a main header than start doing text boxes and pictures and examples etc.

design cycle

the design cycle: is a process to better of fix problems in technology

inquiring and analyzing

identify a problem that needs to be solved. They analyze the need for a solution and conduct an inquiry into the nature of the problem.

developing ideas

write a detailed specification, which drives the development of a solution. They present the solution.

creating the solution

plan the creation of the chosen solution and follow the plan to create a prototype sufficient for testing and evaluation.


design tests to evaluate the solution, carry out those tests and objectively evaluate its success, identify areas where the solution could be improved and explain how the solution will impact on the client or target audience.

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