Here are my tribes:

The tribe of students

The tribe of sisters

The tribe of daughters

The tribe of aunties

The tribe of friends

The tribe of writers

The tribe of volleyball

My The tribe of food lovers

My two tribes to would explain are- aunties and daughters


I LOVE being an aunt. I just love being around new borns and toddler because they could really put a smile on my face, with their cute smiles and laughter. It could be hard of always babysitting but it's worth it because babies grows up fast. My nephews and my nieces are probably the people that I'm he craziest around, doing goofy and silly things just to make them laugh. I love putting a smile on my 7 month nephew, he's the most sweetest and cutest thing I could ask for.


I want to be a great daughter to my mom because I'm the oldest girl that is now living with her since all my older sisters are married. I want to cherish and spend every minute I could have with her because I love her the most. I'm sometimes that kind of daughter that do things to get what she wants and get it her way. The person I would want to spend the most time with is my mom because you'll never know when the person you loved the most is going to leave you. I love helping out around the house, I complain sometimes but it's fine because i know that I got lazy brothers. I love spending time with my family because it's always the best, because everyone ALWAYS happy.