Make Kids Learn Alphabets on Your iPhone

Your iPhone is a great resource to make your kids learn alphabets. There are number of apps that has been created for kids educational purpose. Some apps also help kids in writing characters, in learning their sound and other educational stuff. Listed below are some apps that help your kids learn alphabets:

Interactive Alphabets:

This iOS app has been categorized as the most essential app for alphabet teaching to your child. It runs smoothly on both iPad and iPhone and is quite fun and an original way to teach your child. The developers of this app has also created its own ABC song for this app. It also includes the baby mode which advances the alphabet cards. This app is very much interactive and this feature makes the app fantastic. Interactive Alphabet is the essential alphabet app for iOS.

Alphabet Zoo:

This also comes in the category of free essential app for your device. It is an universal app which has been accepted by teachers and other learning boards. Alphabet Zoo is an essential and quite simple app which is very effective. If you looking for app that helps your child to learn the alphabets in free of cost then Alphabet Zoo is the best option.

Alphabet Tracing:

This app is known to be the best essential app companion. It also helps in learning the new way to create the different characters in the alphabet. This app also includes the lower case and upper case letters. This has been a fantastic addition to the learner app arsenal.

Alphabet Animals- Talking ABC Cards for Kids:

Alphabet Animals- Talking ABC Cards for kids is another fantastic app that joins the list for iPhone. Every card includes the audio which says the name of any animal, the name of the letter and also a simple phrase which includes that particular letter. There are number of animations and sounds that happens whenever you interact with cards. Its a fun and also an essential app which can be called as must download for your device.