persuasive writing

Hey everyone one listen carefully I have a named Scott and here is why i think he should be noticed more.

I think that my friend Scott should be noticed more because he does not talk when the teacher talks so others can learn. He always follows directions. Scott also does his job at the end of the day. After that he reads quietly at his desk. He helps the teacher when doing his job so the teacher doesn't have to use all her energy on jobs and then she won't have enough energy to teach so we can learn.

Scott also should be noticed more because he helps out other kids so other people don't get all grumpy and have a bad day. He also helps other kids by if someone drops something he helps them clean up.

Another thing is that he uses his kind and quiet words to other kids.He also comes in the classroom quietly not yelling and screaming since he talks in quietly people can do there work.

I hope you enjoyed why I think Scott should be noticed way more than he is now.