Making Career Connections

You are career counselor and a student has come to you with their results from Naviance, you are to prepare a report to present to the class to show jobs related to their Naviance results.

Based on the assessment the student was identified as a People Person.

Skills required:

Social, management

Thought-processing skills

Good at developing projects

General Manager

Responsibilities include maintaining a business. They work with Human Resources, staffing companies and upper management. They oversee everything from cleaniness of the office building, to peopple and office managment. Salary: $94,900-120,098.

Marketing Manager

Job responbilities include: looking at the demand for products and services that companies offer in order to identify their customers. They maximize the earning of a company and monitior trends. Salary:$112,800 Median Salary to $167,846 Growth Potential annually.

Phyisican Assistant

Job Responbilities include: is a skilled mid-level medical provider that under the supervision of  doctor to assess, diagose and treat common illness. They also educate patients and promote good health. Salary: $ 102,160-200,000 annually.

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