Buying or selling a business is a complicated venture. Once you decide to sell or purchase a business, it is important that you formalize the agreement between you and the other party. This can be done through a purchase and sale agreement, which is a legal contract outlining all the critical details pertaining to the purchase/sale. Some of the main details included in the agreement are – purchase/ sale price of the business; terms & conditions of the deal; representations & warranties of the buyer/seller, and many more.

However, as drafting or reviewing a purchase sale agreement calls for in-depth knowledge of the law of business associations, it is advisable to consult a qualified and experienced attorney, who can guide you through the process. With his/her expert guidance, he/she can protect your interests and save you from many unexpected, unpleasant surprises.

A competent attorney can assist you with various issues that may arise during the transaction. For instance, he/she can help you define your acquisition criteria, make an offer on a business, negotiate the price, conduct a due diligence investigation, etc. Apart from helping you with the purchase and sale agreement and other legal issues, the attorney can draw up various other important documents that you may need during the buying/selling process.

To get the best guidance regarding how you should proceed with the purchase or sale of your business, you can turn to The Law Offices of Vassallo, Bilotta, Friedman & Davis, which is one of the best law firms in Florida. They have a team of attorneys carrying years of experience in the field of law. They assist their clients not only in drafting but also reviewing their purchase and sale agreement as per the Florida's business law to make sure that the terms of the agreement are fair and reflect their understanding of the transaction.

Besides expertly handling cases related to purchase/sale of businesses, they specialize in Corporate Transactional and Commercial/Business Litigation Matters, Wills and Trusts, Probate Litigation, Real Estate Law, Fair Labor Standards Act or Wage and Hour Law, Wrongful Death, and more. With the expertise, experience, sincerity, and dedication of their attorneys, The Law Offices of Vassallo, Bilotta, Friedman & Davis has managed to establish itself as a trusted law firm. For more information, call 561-471-2800

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