Battle of Gettysburg

                                              By: Clayton Elrod and Ryan Stearns

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Gettysburg Address

In November 1863, President Abraham Lincoln was invited to deliver remarks, which later became known as the Gettysburg Address, at the official dedication ceremony for the National Cemetery of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania, on the site of one of the bloodiest and most decisive battles of the Civil War. Though he was not the featured orator that day, Lincoln’s 273-word address would be remembered as one of the most important speeches in American history. In it, he invoked the principles of human equality contained in the Declaration of Independence and connected the sacrifices of the Civil War with the desire for “a new birth of freedom,” as well as the all-important preservation of the Union created in 1776 and its ideal of self-government.

How did the North beat the South in Gettysburg

It was in northern territory, so the Northern troops had the morale boost. Its a lot easier to take a man's life when he is on your land then when you are on his (Although its hard in either case). They also took up defensive positions atop hills in the area, and forced the southern troops to attack up steep slopes, forcing them to run uphill directly into enemy fire. The battle could have gone either way, but "Picket's Charge," a southern attack at the flank of the Northern defensive line failed, and the south was forced to retreat.
From there, the Southern army was depleted, and the Union army was able to go onto the offensive after two years of playing defense.

The Union and Confederate Generals.

The Union general was Joseph Hooker and Confederate is Robert E. Lee.

When did the Battle start and End?

July 1 to July 3, 1863, 3 days

Where is Gettysburg?

Gettysburg is in Philadelphia which back before the Civil War, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 's economic connections with the South made much of the city sympathetic to South's grievances with the North. Once the war began, many Philadelphia's' opinion shifted in support for the Union and the war against the Confederates States.

This is what the Unions Army Outfits, Weapons and Flag.

This is the Confederate Outfits, Flags and Weapons

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