A Career As A Lawyer

By: Jessica Garcia

What Do Lawyers Do?

A lawyers (a.k.a. Criminal Attorney) job is to defend the person they are representing against the criminal charges that have been brought against them. This would mean the Criminal Attorney would have the entire matter investigated to determine what facts the prosecuting faction is alleging what witnesses have evidence pertaining to the crime that is charged.

Skills/Abilities Needed To Be A Lawyer

Lawyers need strong interpersonal skills so that they can interact very well with their clients. They must have the ability to gain ones trust quickly and easily. In order to do this they need to have empathy and patience for their client . An outgoing personality is an asset in order to help clients get comfortable and willing to disclose personal information. Lawyers must be very focused people. It is important for them to pay attention to every detail in testimonies and the opposing lawyer’s argument. It is important to have a good memory when pursuing this career, for there is a lot to memorize. Confidence is a must have. When you are in court trying to convince the jury, you must sound confident or you will not be convincing.

Educational Requirements

  • Legal Writing Course
  • Constitutional Law Course
  • Negotiation Course
  • Professional Responsibility Course
  • Evidence Law Course

To become a lawyer a 4 year college degree plus 3 years of law school is required. Being a total of 7 years in college.

Some popular schools that offer these courses are:

  • Yale University
  • Inter-American University
  • Brigham University
  • Harvard University
  • Southern University Law Center
  • University Of Missouri

Yale University is ranked the #1 best law schools in America. It is located in New Haven, Connecticut. It’s acceptance rate is 6.3% with an enrollment of 12,109 as of 2013. The main founders are Timothy Woodbridge, Samuel Andrew, and James Noyes.

Expected Salary

Salary for a lawyer depends on many things such as: amount of experience, what state you live in, what city you live in, what school you went to, how much you advertise yourself, etc. The expected salary for somebody with 1 year or less of experience who lives in Houston, Texas can range from $79,034-$85,785. Somebody with 7-9 years of experience can have their salary range anywhere from $82,259-$89,322.

Future Outlook

Considering there was millions of people who get in trouble with the law everyday, lawyers will always be needed. It is no hard to get hired as a lawyer you just need to be dedicated and make a name for yourself. This career has a long future. Many people don’t know their legal grounds to fight back with the law. That’s where lawyers come in. There will always be ton of people who need lawyers. So don’t worry all that schooling is not for nothing! A survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statics in 2012 the number of jobs for lawyers in the United States is 759,800.


  • Earning potential
  • Prestige
  • Opportunity to help others
  • Intellectual challenge
  • Diverse practice areas
  • Work environment
  • Transferable skills
  • Global influence
  • Flexibility
  • $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Similar Career

Paralegals are similar to lawyers. Lawyers tend to be students or interns on their way to being lawyers, whereas paralegals are specifically trained for this profession. Paralegals are usually graduates of Associate’s degree programs or are college graduates who took some paralegal courses.

Why I Picked This Career

The thing about this job that interested me is helping people get out of trouble that they're in and the money. Lawyers have one of the top highest paying jobs. I think that I would be good for this career because my family always tells me I love to argue and that is the main ability you must have for this career.

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