~Ecosystem Portfolio~
~African Savanna~


~Dead Tree~
~Dead Grass~

For the population to survive they need grass , gazelle , water buffalo , rhinos , hippos , crocodile , and  lions. If the population does not have these things one thing could die and another can over populate.

Limiting Factors:
the factor that prevent a population from growing any larger.

Limiting Factor: dry season

Predator/Prey Relationship:
lion and water buffalo

Producer: an organism that creates its own food. Ex:Grass

Herbivore: An animal that feeds on grass and other plants. Ex: Gazelle

Omnivores: An organism that eats both plants and animals. Ex: Baboon

Carnivores: An animal that eats flesh. Ex: Lion

Decomposers: An organism, usually a bacterium or fungus, that breaks down the cells of dead plants and animals into simpler substances. Ex: Beetle

Scavenger: An animal or other organism that feeds on dead organic matter. Ex: Vulture

Producer Explanation: A producer converts radiant energy into chemical energy for herbivores. Ex: A tree

Food Chain: A series of organisms interrelated in their feeding habits
Food Web: A combination of food chains that integrate to form a network

Removing a Population: If you remove one organisms population from the ecosystem, all other organisms will be affected. Ex: Over population or extinction

An energy pyramid is a pyramid or triangle shape because the energy flows up. Only 10% of the energy flows up at each level.

Producers are on the bottom of the pyramid because they make their own food and they do not need other plants and animals to survive.

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