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Endocrine system facts:

~A endocrine system is a chemical communication system that controls many body functions.

~A gland is a group of cells or organs that secretes a substance.

~Each hormone has a specific job

Male reproduction system facts:

~A sperm is a male sex cell

~ If kicked or injured it can lead to not having kids

~ Testes are two small glands that produce sperm and hormones

Female Reproduction System Facts

~ Ovaries contain the ova, or eggs and produce the hormones.

~ Three functions of the female is store eggs, create off spring, and give birth.

~ The embryo becomes a fetus in about eight weeks.


~ During puberty, egg cells mature and are released by the ovaries in a process called ovulation.

~ If an egg is not fertilized, the uterus lining breaks down and shed by the body through menstruation.

~Menstruation usually lasts 5-7 days and happens about every 28 days doee..


~Amniotic Sac is a fluid filled sac that surrounds the embryo

~Zygote a fertilized ovum (egg)

~Blastocyst a ball of cells with a cavity in the center


~ Chlamydia is a bacterial STD that may affect the reductive organs, urethra, and anus

~ Chlamydia is a silent disease because it has no symptoms

~Genital warts strains of HPV are linked to the cause of cervical and skin cancers

HIV and AIDs

~ HIV attacks the body's T cells, after the T cells get taken over the immune system gets weaker

~ HIV is spread from person to person contact with specific body fluids

~ You can prevent AIDS from avoiding practicing abstinence, avoiding drugs and alcohol, and also avoid sharing needles


~ Peer Pressure can be positive or negative on you

~ Communication is processed through which you send messages and to receive messages from others

~ A good communication skill is to speak directly to the person, not with your back to the person you are talking to

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