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Do you have diabetes? If so, keep reading and you will find out more about diabetes. If you don’t know I know what you’re thinking what’s diabetes? Diabetes is a serious disease that you can die from if not treated well. In this tackk you will see how to treat eating food, how to live with diabetes how you figure out you have diabetes and what diabetes is. Read this tackk to find out more.


Diabetes matters because type 1 diabetes is affecting many lives. There needs to be a cure to stop this disease and allow young children to adulthood to live their lives without daily needles.

What is diabetes?

What is diabetes? Diabetes is a serious disease that could cause death. Diabetes is when your pancreas shuts down and stops working. So that means it no longer produces insulin. Your pancreas is located above your belly button. The cause for diabetes is unknown. Diabetics are just hoping for a cure.

Finding out

Before you know you have diabetes there are a couple of different reactions. One of the first signs is you could wet your bed almost every night. You also drink too many fluids. And the last thing is your moods they go from you feel good then you feel like you want to rip someone’s head off.

Living with diabetes

Living with diabetes is difficult first; you have to get 3-6 needles a day. Also, every other month you have to go to the doctor and get your blood drawn. Another terrible thing is you’re stuck with diabetes till they find a cure. And the last bad part is you have to have a needle in you everywhere you go. Now finally on the plus side no matter how different diabetics are they are still normal. Another plus is you get extra attention. And the last, plus is kids with diabetes get to help other diabetics with diabetes. Diabetes can be difficult and change family’s lives.

Eating food

With diabetes it is hard to eat food. One of the reasons is you can’t eat a lot of sugar every day. Next, you have to keep track of what you eat because you have to take insulin. Insulin is like medicine to keep diabetics healthy.


Diabetes is more than likely not an exciting disease to live with. Diabetes is not an easy disease to realize you have, to eat food, to live with it, or to know what diabetes is. Diabetics are just hoping for a cure every second. Do your part and support diabetes.


Needles: A sharp object to inject insulin.

Medicine: A liquid you take to get better.

Serious: No joking straight forward.

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