The Beautiful Country

Shaun Power

 Throughout Canada's history, there were many defining moments that would make any true Canadian proud. Many moments in Canadian history have made our nation proud, but the three standout moments would have to be Vimy Ridge, Terry Fox's run, and the invention of the Canadarm. These three moments have successfully made all Canadians proud to be who they are, as well as inspired people around the world. Canada’s perfect execution of their plan at Vimy ridge proved that the Canadians were a force to be reckoned with. Terry Fox’s unbelievable trot across the country inspired the hearts of many and has raised astronomical amounts of money in the name of cancer. The Canadarm established Canada’s reputation as a leader in technological innovation and inspired many other Canadian robotics used on the International Space Station. These moments in the 20th Century have made every single Canadian proud.

    During World War I, the Canadian Corps were ordered to seize Vimy Ridge in April 1917. The extremely heavily fortified seven kilometer ridge held an outstanding and powerful view over the Allied lines. Previously, the French had attempted the same feat, and failed with over 100,000 casualties. The Canadians executed the attack perfectly, with no flaws. Within three days, the Canadians had taken the ridge. The victory at Vimy had been a definitive moment for Canada, as the country emerged from under the overwhelming shadow of Britain and for the first time, Canada was capable of something great. They had earned the reputation as effective, formidable troops, and at this moment, a nation had been born. Through teamwork and communication, the Canadians were able to do something that nobody else could. Four divisions attacked together for the first time, and it was an outstanding success. The offensive on Vimy Ridge proved Canada’s abilities as a country, and made Canadians proud.

    In 1977, Terry Fox was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right leg. Three years later, he decided that he would undertake his marathon of hope. His goal was to run a marathon a day across Canada. With a prosthetic leg, he managed to run 26 miles a day for 143 days during his cross country journey. On September 1, 1980, while he was just outside Thunder Bay, the cancer spread to his lungs. Terry died on June 28, 1981, and his death impacted the country. To this day, over $600 million has been raised in Terry’s name. He has inspired millions, as well as touched the hearts of people around the world. He has given hope to millions of people with cancer. He has made me proud to be Canadian, and I’m sure the same goes for millions of others. The Terry Fox run was a defining moment in Canadian history, and it inspired, and gave hope to many.

    The Canadarm was a remote-controlled mechanical arm, also known as the Shuttle Remote Manipulator System. It’s job was to deploy, capture, and repair satellites, position astronauts, maintain equipment, and move cargo. It managed to prove that Canada is a leader in technological innovation. The Canadarm established Canada as a key player in the high-technology fields of advanced manipulator systems and robotics. The Canadarm inspired the advance of robotics, and proved that Canada is a leader in technological inventions. It made many Canadians proud, as we were a large part in something so big. The Canadarm played a huge role in space, and the invention of the Canadarm sparked the inventions of many other space robots. Canada proved their worth in space and sparked inspiration for many other inventions.

    In the 20th century, many events happened which would make any Canadian proud, but the three most definitive would indefinitely be Vimy Ridge, Terry Fox’s miracle run, and the invention of the Canadarm. Vimy Ridge allowed Canada to emerge from Britain’s overwhelming shadow, and produced the birth of a nation. Terry Fox’s cross country run inspired millions of people around the world, and gave hope to those with cancer. The invention of the Canadarm sparked inspiration for many inventions, as well as proved that Canada is a leader in technological innovation. These three moments managed to change Canada for the better; by improving their reputation, and creating hope and inspiration in the hearts of millions across the globe. There have been thousands of memorable moments in Canada's history, all making Canadians truly proud, but the best moments that have happened have not only changed Canada for the better, but they have changed the world as well.


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