January Newsletter

Dates to Remember:
1/6 - MKB Mutual (C & D)
1/7 - AT&T Stadium Field Trip
1/8 - AEP Science Day
1/18 - School Holiday (MLK Jr. Day)
1/20 - MKB Mutual (A & B)
1/22 - MKB Fun Run


Essential Questions:

  • What are the various strategies that can be used to multiply and divide?
  • When do we multiply? When do we divide?
  • How are the four operations related and how does this help us solve problems?
  • Why are graphs useful?
  • How do financial decisions affect my life?

Language and Literacy

  • How do we write an expository piece?
  • What do you infer? How is it concluded?
  • What does it mean to draw conclusions?
  • How are apostrophes used?
  • How do we write a procedural text?

At Home:

  • Reading for 15-20 minutes each  night
  • Spelling practice
  • Math fact fluency