Teen Wolf Review

Hayley H.

Teen Wolf Review


Hayley Henderson


Even though there are many supernatural-themed television shows on today such as The Vampire Diaries, American Horror Story and Supernatural, none of them compare to the spooky and hilarious Teen Wolf drama by Jeff Davis.

The story unfolds when Scott and his best friend, Stiles, run into the woods in search of two halves of a body. After they leave for the forest, they separate. Now, all alone, a mysterious creature bites Scott, morphing him into a werewolf. Scott has to learn to live the life of a supernatural. He must also adapt to life with some of his close friends and fellow werewolves. Getting used to the daily life of becoming a werewolf is difficult, but he adjusts. Now Scott is somewhat obligated to protect his town from evil villains and creatures. As he maintains life as a werewolf, he gains a sense of humility and begins to put everyone’s needs before himself. He gains new gumption which is to protect Beacon Hills.

Not many television shows are capable of incorporating both a nail-biting and funny vibe, but the way Teen Wolf is written makes for a perfect balance between the two. The main scene stealer is Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Stiles is known for his sarcastic remarks that can make anyone, young or old, laugh out loud. But, like everyone else, Stiles has a dark side, known as void Stiles. When a demonic spirit takes control of his mind, he turns against his friends and family. Thus, Stiles’ character incorporates both a creepy and funny element.

Teen Wolf has a very diverse range of characters, all very different from one one another, and all very relatable. Although none are similar, they work extremely well together, forming the dream cast. First, there’s Derek. Derek is very reserved and anti- social. He’s also a werewolf just like Scott, portraying an almost a father- like role. This brings us to Lydia, the complete opposite. Lydia is the most popular girl at Beacon Hills High School. In the first season, she’s stylish, preppy, and above all, intelligent. Later, Lydia unlocks another side of her personality, changing a majority of her character’s reputation. Lastly, there’s Liam, a newer member to the show. Liam comes across as an athletic, angry, and driven person, bringing a unique and new perspective to the show. All characters are easily relatable, making Teen Wolf an even more fun show to watch.

So, out of all of the supernatural-themed television shows out there, Teen Wolf is clearly the best choice. It’s comical, scary, and hands down one of the best shows.

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